Seas Of Solutions Latest Personal Safety Device Hits the Shelves.

June 10th 2022- The Seas of Solutions team are delighted to announce the arrival of their latest personal marine safety solution under the FastFind brand, the CREW1 AIS MOB which will be hitting the shelves in time for the summer.

Seas of Solutions, owner of marine electronics brands McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine, has a mission of Supporting Safer Sailing Anytime, Everywhere. With a technology focus on the dual goals of robust data capture, for their Vessel Data Recorder (VDR) range and improved survivability in remote locations for their safety brands. The new FastFind CREW1 AIS MOB will continue the focus on personal safety, adding a new solution to the FastFind range that has been saving lives at sea for over twenty years.

The CREW1 builds on the company’s reputation for innovation, with the first AIS based man over devices under the SmartFind brand. The CREW1 features a high precision GPS and it will transmit position information and a serialised identity number back to your vessel’s onboard plotter, enabling you to be quickly located and recovered. It will transmit continuously for a minimum of 36 hours and powerful strobe to aid low light detection.
Offering a dynamic clipping system that offers a range of ways to attach the unit to belts, webbing or oral tubes, the design supports Seas of Solutions messaging around the need to be able to quickly access communications in case of emergency.

‘The Crew1 is the latest life saving device, offering improved operational capabilities, green packaging and more flexible attachment options, ensuring our customers have the ability to be safe on the water, wherever they are.‘ said Paul Smulders Seas of Solutions CEO.

The FastFind CREW1 is also the first of Seas of Solutions products that have included environmentally friendly packaging. Having removed single use plastic inner sleeves and offering fully recyclable materials, Seas of Solutions will be rolling out their new green standard packaging across the range in 2022.

With a new vision, new locations and a range of new solutions, why not visit Seas of Solutions at this year’s exhibitions including Posidonia, Sea Work, SMM and METS in 2022.

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