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Amasus Shipping deploys Netwave’s Upgrade Kit to modernise vessels VDR System

Amasus Shipping, who have commercial management of a highly focused fleet of 77 vessels, covering over 4000 voyages a year for their clients, had identifed an issue with the VDR of heavy lift cargo vessel Eemslift Nadine. The existing NW4000 VDR had reached its end of life while Eemslift Nadine was at anchorage in Singapore and the system had to be replaced to allow the vessel to return to operations.

In investigating the retroft options available to replace their existing system, Amasus identified that the new VDR had to meet a number of stringent requirements. Firstly, space limitations meant a new VDR had to occupy the existing footprint or require time consuming and expensive reallocation of multiple systems. Secondly, the Eemslift Nadine had to be reftted while in port at Singapore, so minimising operational delays through an accelerated installation was critical. Finally, the ship management team wanted the most cost-effective solution which meet the latest regulatory requirements, but also improved the ease of use for the crew.

Jan Klooster, Senior Superintendent at Amasus said, ‘The Netwave system was the only solution to meet the vessels operational requirements, while the flexibility of the system allowed us to keep costs to a minimum’

Netwave’s new NW6000 Upgrade Kit was designed to facilitate the cost-effective modernising of older maintenance reliant VDR systems. Netwave’s process includes, pre-installation survey, a kit comprising of fitting plates to accelerate installation and utilise the existing console space and the reuse of stable components, such as the VGA and DIM modules. Where possible, the option of utilising existing wiring is reviewed with a view to further reducing installation time. Armed with their in-depth knowledge of the Netwave NW6000 series VDRs innovative solutions, Netherlands based CWN Marine provided a detailed proposal to Amasus, highlighting the installation benefits of upgrading to the latest Netwave model.

From a budgetary perspective the Netwave Upgrade Kit was the most attractive to Amasus because of the new mechanical and software tools, designed to help service engineers decrease time onboard due to the reduced fitting complexity.

‘By reducing the need for additional system cabling and welding onboard, the Netwave Upgrade kit helped limit operation disruption and accelerate and simplify our VDR retrofit.’ –Jan Klooster

The cost-effective system can incorporate the deployment of existing components, including for the Eemslift Nadine, were the ability to reuse existing microphone wiring and mics from the NW4000 VDR, while extending the components warranty, further reduced project costs and provided Amasus long term confidence in the solution

Designed and manufactured by Netwave in the Netherlands, the NW series is the natural technology upgrade route for NW4000 and Rutter VDRs, as it ensures component compatibility and improves service consistency. Our R&D team have used innovation to help accelerate installation, while providing an economic upgrade path as vessel owners / managers can access the latest NW6000 VDR technology at a reduced cost.

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Localised Rescue Capability Proven in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

The now infamous image of Andrew Taylor adrift in the Pacific Ocean, his amazing survival against the odds for over 90 minutes and the astonishing rescue by his fellow crew mates has adorned the front pages of the yachting press all over the world. Another impact has been the speculation over the type of device Andrew used and how it helped facilitate his ultimate rescue. Here we explain how an AIS Man Overboard (MOB) device helped save his life. Provide your email address below to download this case study and to receive additional information from McMurdo.

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