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METS A Showcase for a Productive First Year for Seas of Solutions

Paul Smulders, CEO

November 15, 2021 – Having launched Seas of Solutions only nine months ago, CEO Paul Smulders is looking forward to a packed agenda for his exhibition engagements with partners, colleagues and customers on this METS Trade stand 03.411.

Seas of Solutions, owner of marine electronics brands McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine, has lots to talk about, as the new organisation has used the global covid disruption in the normal maritime calendar to create a new organisation based around a mission of Supporting Safer Sailing Anytime, Everywhere.  With a technology focus on the dual goals of robust data capture, for their Vessel Data Recorder (VDR) range and improved survivability in remote locations for their safety brands, Paul feels a clear vision for their future and a determination to deliver customer excellence has driven their success in 2021.

“Establishing a new organisation would have been enough for many new businesses but reducing the organisations complexity and letting staff with decades of marine electronics experience fulfil their potential, has generated a drive to deliver.”

The first achievement has been the establishment of a new customer service and training centre in Southsea, Portsmouth during the summer with the opening of the new dedicated site, a key part of the ‘Supporting’ elements of the company’s new motto. The McMurdo brand has been associated with Portsmouth for decades and when the opportunity to create a new service centre in the area arose Seas of Solutions where quick to invest in a hub.

Seas of Solutions come to METS with the late February launch of the world’s first Return Link Service (RLS) personal location beacon (PLB); the FastFind Return Link still fresh in customer’s minds. The Galileo powered RLS technology allows a signal back to the distress beacon, providing the person in distress the re-assurance that their situation and location are known. Developing a two-way communication in the traditional 406MHz safety ecosystem beacons has generated significant interest in customers as wide ranging as national coastguard organisations to forestry workers and is the first significant leap in the technology since the introduction of GNSS in the early 2000s.

Adding to their safety portfolio and this year’s celebration of 20 years since the launch of the FastFind brand, Seas of Solutions will be unveiling their new AIS man overboard device the FastFind CREW1 at this exhibition.

“The FastFind CREW1 offers an AIS man overboard device with a range of features to accelerate detection and support localised rescue for vessel crew. The CREW1 is the first FastFind branded AIS MOB, a brand synonymous with life-saving innovation for over twenty years.” says CEO Paul Smulders.

Seas of Solutions VDR technologies have also received an innovation boast, with the upgrade of the Netwave NW6000’s V2 data player, the system now offers industry leading data visualisation. METs attendees will also get to see the latest VDR configuration, the Netwave Compact, designed with a reduced space footprint and ease of installation in mind, the new VDR offers dynamic sensor connections, allowing vessel owners from inland waterways, workboats or superyachts to robustly capture the vessel data of operational value to them. By developing a non SOLAS variant the Compact brings the quality of commercial grade software from the NW6000 but allows fleet managers and owners to decide what data is recorded.

The FastFind CREW1 AIS MOB

Netwave Compact VDR

“Marine companies with fleets in a wide range of sectors need a reliable and flexible approach to monitoring vessel data, be it from a CSR, security or insurance perspective, real vessel data is invaluable in training, post incident analysis and most importantly owner reassurance.”

With a new vision, new locations and a range of new solutions, a visit to Seas of Solutions METs stand is a must for distributors and customers alike.

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