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Seas Of Solutions Acquires Orolia Maritime

March 31, 2021 – Seas Of Solutions B.V is delighted to announce that it has acquired Orolia’s Maritime Safety Business, excluding Fleet Management solutions, and is the new owner of the world’s most trusted names in Emergency Readiness and Response.

The major marine technology brands of Netwave, McMurdo and Kannad Marine and their award-winning EPIRBs, Personal Location Beacons and Voyage Data Recorders will now continue under Seas Of Solutions.

The newly-formed Europe-based Seas Of Solutions is led by owner Paul Smulders, the former Chief Executive of Netwave and marine connectivity specialist, Radio Holland.

The company will retain all associated Orolia Maritime staff under their current terms and conditions and the European OEMs and global distribution network will remain. The service and support network and product warranty terms will be unchanged. Seas Of Solutions is headquartered in the Netwave building in Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands and its UK office is in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Paul Smulders, CEO

Paul, who has 30 plus years of experience in the marine sector, says, “Seas Of Solutions is proud to continue the 150 years of combined tradition and experience behind McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad Marine. Product owners, new customers and everyone connected with the brands, will be pleased to know that it is business as usual.”

“I am very excited by the acquisition, as it allows us to focus on developing, manufacturing and selling emergency beacons and VDR ‘black boxes’ for the marine sector.”

“My experience as a nautical officer and then in senior sales-, maritime services and manufacturing roles in the maritime industry puts me in an ideal position to understand how our products can best benefit end-users and distributors alike.”

The FastFind Return Link PLB

Among key products in the ranges being acquired by Seas Of Solutions is FastFind Return Link, the world’s first RLS Enabled Distress Beacon.

Orolia will continue as a world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide.

For further information, please contact Sean McCrystal, Seas Of Solutions UK Site Manager & Senior Maritime Marketing Manager on +44 (0) 7866 913317 or email

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