NW6000 VDR Voyage Data Recorder
NW6000 VDR Voyage Data Recorder

Netwave NW6000 SOLAS Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

Designed and manufactured in the EU and supporting a global fleet of over 6000 vessels, the Seas Of Solutions’ Netwave brand has been a global leader in the provision of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs) for over a decade. With a reputation for innovation, design diversity and a focus on quality, a diverse range of customers deploy Netwave technology.

Military, Search and Rescue, Coast Guard, Commercial Marine and Cruise Ships customers are confident in its proven ease of installation, multiple IMO certifications including the Wheelmark and its unparalleled global support network; made up of approximately 320 Service Centres and 1300 engineers.


Days of data 30 days
Usability Bridge Control Unit is highly intuitive and offers touch screen interaction
Service Coverage Large Global Service Network, with approximately 1300 service engineers
OPT test Crew can test VDR is operating correctly from Bridge Control Unit (BCU)
Cost of ownership Flexible installation platform and designed with minimal cabling reduces install and maintenance requirements
Reliability European design and manufacture, with a 6000+ vessel install base, global service and parts availability
Warranty term Warranty included with option of extension
Spare Parts Availability Service Centres in approximately 160 global ports
Re-Play Software State-of-the-Art
Speed of client
24/7 customer service support, satisfaction reflected in latest customer feedback scores
Installation Time Versatile design allows flexible installation
Future Proof NW6000 meets the latest mandated requirements and is highly adaptable
Customisation Scalable, highly customisable architecture
Unit Type number Dimensions
(h x d x w)
Weight Specifications
Core module NW-6000 484x450x45 16.5 kg
  • PSU (110-230 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz) /100 Watt
  • 4x 6V 12Ah SLA connected battery backup
  • Switch unit (8 x 100Mbps PoE, 21Gbps)
  • CPU unit with min. 30 days storage
Bulkhead mount
frame and cover
NW-6900 744x464x102 11 kg
(excl core
Bulkhead mount with prepared internal wiring and
external RJ45 connector bank
Bridge control
NW-6010 99x134x150 1.8 kg
  • Powered from Core module thru PoE
  • 4” touch colour screen
  • Panel mounted with frame
  • 3 x IEC61162-2 serial interfaces
Analogue Microphone
NW-6030 83 x 83 x 70 0.4 kg
  • Powered from the NW6031 Audio Hub
  • 4 wire interface – 2x PWR, 2x Audio
  • Differential audio driver
  • Built-in sound generator for audio test
  • LED indicator for annunciation and test
  • Omni-directional with a radius of 4m
Audio Hub NW-6031 152 x 106 x 35 0.35kg
  • Built-in sound generator for audio test
  • Powered from the NW6000 PoE Switch
  • 6x audio interfaces
  • Microphone or VHF configurable per interface
  • Pluggable terminal blocks per audio interface
VHF interface NW-6060 180x47x87 0.5 kg
  • Powered thru PoE
  • 2x input channels
Hardened FRM NW-6860 411×311 27.5 kg
  • Powered thru PoE from Core module
  • Deck mounted protective capsule
  • 48 hours storage
  • With Under water locator beacon (90 days)
Float free FRM NW-6880-AIS 533x218x240 5.4 kg
  • Powered thru PoE from Dore module
  • Incl. 2m maritime CAT-6 cable
  • Bulkhead mounted in protective cover
  • 48 hours storage
Data Acquisition Unit NW-64900 182x232x436 2-3 kg
(subject to
1-7 module
  • Powered thru PoE from Core module
  • DIN rail mounted interface
  • For NMEA sensors  (multiple 8 port)
  • For digital sensors (multiple 8 port)
  • For analogue sensors (multiple 4 port)
  • To provide optimal shielding maritime CAT.7S/FTP 23 AWG LSFROH SHF1 is preferred
  • Complete system runs from 110-230 VAC (50-60 Hz) through core module
  • Power consumption 105 watt (max)