NW6000 VDR Voyage Data Recorder
NW6000 VDR Voyage Data Recorder

Netwave NW6000 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR)

Netwave’s Simplified VDR technology is scalable to support both system requirements based on the same foundation components but designed with ease of installation and particularly retrofit installation requirements in mind.


Netwave (S) VDR Captured Data

  • Date and time
  • Ship’s position in latitude and longitude
  • Speed: Through the Water
  • Heading as indicated by the ship’s compass.
  • Bridge audio picked up by microphones positioned on the bridge
  • VHF communications relating to ship operations
  • Radar data from one of the ship’s radar installations
  • AIS data, if it is impossible to obtain radar data then AIS target data should be recorded as a source of information regarding other ships.
  • Additional data not applicable to SVDR (under resolution A.861(20),
  • Echo sounder, main alarms, rudder order and response, engine order and response, hull openings status, watertight and fire door status, accelerations and
    hull stresses, wind speed and direction
Unit Type number Dimensions
(h x d x w)
Weight Specifications
Core module NW-6000 484x450x45 16.5 kg
  • PSU (110-220 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz) /105 Watt
  • Built-in UPS
  • 10 ports switch (8 x PoE, 2 x Non-PoE)
  • CPU unit with min. 30 days storage
Bulkhead mount
frame and cover
NW-6900 744x464x115 11 kg
Bulkhead mount with prepared internal wiring and
external RJ45 connector bank
Bridge control
NW-6010 99x134x150 1.8 kg
  • Powered from Core module thru PoE
  • 4” touch colour screen
  • Panel mounted with frame (IP20)
NW-6030 83 x 83 x 70 0.4 kg
  • Powered from Audio Hub
  • Analogue
  • LED identification light
Audio Hub NW-6031 152 x 106 x 35 0.35kg
  • Powered using PoE
  • Bulkhead mounted
VHF interface NW-6060 180x47x87 0.5 kg
  • Powered thru PoE
  • 2 line-in
  • Interface for microphones
  • Bulkhead mounted (IP20)
Hardened FRM NW-6860 411×311 27.5 kg
  • Powered thru PoE from core module
  • Incl. 25 mtr maritime CAT-6 cable
  • Deck mounted protective capsule for 48 hours (IP68)
  • with under water locator beacon (90 days)
Float free FRM NW-6880 533x218x240 5.4 kg
  • Powered thru PoE from core module
  • Incl. 25 mtr maritime CAT-6 cable
  • Bulkhead mounted in protective cover for 48 hours
    storage (IP67)
NW-64900 182x232x436 2-3 kg
(subject to
1-7 module
  • Powered thru PoE from core module
  • DIN rail mounted interface
  • For NMEA (bd up to 9600) (multiple 8 port)
  • For digital sensors (multiple 8 port)
  • For analogue sensors (multiple 4 port)
  • Additional 24 VDC power input/output
  • Netwave Systems recommends maritime CAT-6 ethernet cable for connecting all units to the core module switch
  • Complete system runs from 110-230 VAC (50-60 Hz) through core module
  • Power consumption 105 watt (max)