VDR 1st generation retrofit kits
VDR 1st generation retrofit kits

Netwave NW6000 Retrofit Kits

The Netwave VDR Upgrade Kit offers significant economic, innovation and installation benefits for ship owners, managers and service teams upgrading or replacing older VDR systems. With technological and software tools to reduce installation times, designed to minimise vessel disruption by using existing system footprint, combined with cost saving warranty on re-usable components, the NW6000 Upgrade kit accelerates and simplifies VDR retrofits.

Designed and manufactured by Netwave, the NW series is the natural technology upgrade path for NW4000 and Rutter VDRs, ensuring component compatibility and improved service consistency. The specifically designed VDR installation kit reduces fitting complexity, utilising new mechanical and software tools to help service engineers reduce time onboard to as little as a day and a half. The cost-effective system can incorporate the re-warranty and deployment of existing components, to reduce the overall refit cost.


  • Innovative automatic sensor configuration and the ability to copy existing Rutter or NW4000 configurations to the new system saves considerable engineering time
  • New touch screen playback software quickly allow crew access to key sensor information, with comprehensive radar & ECDIS screen and an operational performance test (OPT), quickly confirms all channels are recording as configured.
  • Installation plate allows service engineer to utilise existing system footprint and removes the need to have welding onboard during the fitting, the design has multiple capsule configurations, including the L3 capsule offering complete flexibility.
  • Stable VDR components and cabling can be reused, reducing the direct cost and fitting disruption. Uniquely, reused components have warranty extended from the date of new retrofit without additional cost.
  • Pre installation survey avoids vessel disruption by identity access and component needs before engineers start the installation.

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Bridge Control unit (BCU) Touch Screen
Core module inside 19” rack New VDR is installed in the existing space
Digital Acquisition Gateway between the Core Module and a wide range of interconnecting sensors
VHF Interface Dual function VHF interface and microphone power source
Mics Plug and play replacement option utilizing existing cabling
Screen Frame Grabber Increased number of channels including connecting VGA and PoE
Player V2 Easy install allows both playback and offers touch screen interface for ease of use