NW8000 Compact VDR
NW8000 Compact VDR

Netwave NW8000 Compact Non-SOLAS VDR

In November 2021, Seas of Solutions introduced our latest Voyage Data Recorder, the new NW8000 Compact. A compact VDR designed for non-SOLAS vessels including inland waterway, workboat, superyachts, and pleasure craft. Giving owners, managers and captains the data capture capabilities of a full VDR but with the flexibility to determine what data is captured.


  • Compact and easy to install
  • SOLAS type approved VDR software
  • Flexible configuration allows additional sensor feeds
  • Player V2: immediate access and analysis of multiple vessel sensor feeds via a dynamic visual dashboard interface
  • Potential for onshore monitoring

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Technology Overview

The Compact VDR system from Netwave offers an economical but robust data capture solution that has reduced space requirement but exceptional flexibility. With dynamic installation options, the Compact VDR allows comprehensive vessel sensor data capture for a wide variety of vessel operations. From crew training to fleet efficiency comparisons, the Compact VDR allows fleet managers to link the recorder to the vessel data that offers the greatest operational value.

From room access records on superyachts to food refrigeration temperatures, the flexibility of the system can provide the reassurance of robust data capture for post incident analysis.

Based on Netwave’s SOLAS approved VDR software the Netwave Compact offers a range of features including world leading visual dashboard interface via its V2 player, ease of installation based on Netwave’s years of commercial retrofit experience and the potential to offer onshore data monitoring

Netwave NW8000 Inland Waterways VDR