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FastFind Return Link

Our most advanced search and rescue beacon to date, the Return Link is the first distress beacon on the market that uses the Galileo powered ReturnLink Service (RLS), the FastFind Return Link PLB receives a signal in the form of a blue light, confirming the users 406 MHz distress alert has been received and location coordinates have been detected.


Kannad Marine SafeLink Solo

The Solo’s compact size and three step activation process means it is popular with fishing and workboat crew as it is easy to handle and rugged enough to be used in a commercial work environment. The Solo PLB also comes with carry pouch and floatation pouch.


McMurdo FastFind Ranger

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventures, the McMurdo FastFind Ranger personal locator beacon has additional impact resistant rugged casing and additional rubber side grip panels to aid handling. Popular with hikers, and mountaineers the Ranger PLB comes with a carry pouch that can be fitted to belt or webbing. With global satellite coverage, six years storage life and a minimum 24h operational power, the Ranger is the ultimate survival tool for those heading to the great outdoors.


McMurdo FastFind 220

The 220 is the world's first Galileo-enabled Personal Location Beacon (PLB), which is a personal safety device designed to alert search and rescue services and allow them to quickly locate you in the event of an emergency, on land or sea.