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Seas of Solutions showcases three new products at Seawork

Seawork | Southampton UK | 13-15 June 2023

June 05, 2023 – Seas of Solutions will be exhibiting three new products at Seawork. A new Compact VDR will be displayed on the Seas of Solutions stand, number D18, together with new additions to both the McMurdo and the Kannad Marine EPIRB ranges.

Seas of Solutions have developed a new Voyage Data Recorder (VDR); based on the innovative Netwave NW6000 series; designed specifically to support a growing demand for robust but economic voyage data capture solutions. The Netwave brand has been a global leader in the provision of Voyage Data Recorders and Simplified VDRs since 2006, with over 6000 deployed globally.

The new Netwave NW8000 Compact VDR differs from the mandated SOLAS version in a number of ways. Primarily, NW8000 Compact VDR does not have the rigid specifications of the mandated variant and the solution can be configured for the owner or vessels requirements. The central capability is to capture Radar, AIS, GPS, Depth, Rudder Position, Compass, and Rate of Turn Indicator, as part of the core eight sensor recording system.

Secondly, as the configuration is not constrained by legal requirement, there is flexibility on what information is captured and the ability to upgrade the specification to include audio recordings and protected memory capsule. Optional extras of the NW8000 Compact VDR support wide ranging additional features, including voice recording with both indoor and outdoor microphones and cameras. The Netwave designed fixed capsule recording media with unique stainless-steel fixed capsule housing also offers the added resilience to protect data captured from the harshest environments.

This flexibility allows the owner to define what information they require and makes the solution more affordable by only capturing relevant data. The capabilities of the NW8000 Compact VDR will be demonstrated on the Seas of Solutions stand (D18) during Seawork.

Netwave NW8000 Compact VDR

McMurdo SmartFind G8 PLUS AIS EPIRB and Kannad Marine SAFEPRO+ AIS EPIRB

Also on show will be Seas of Solutions two new EPIRBs; the McMurdo SmartFind G8 PLUS AIS EPIRB and the Kannad Marine SAFEPRO+ AIS EPIRB.

McMurdo and Kannad Marine’s unparalleled marine heritage, history of innovation and commitment to quality mean these next generations of SmartFind and SAFEPRO EPIRBs include previous innovations as standard. They are MEOSAR Compatible® for enhanced detection and location performance, combine the global 406 MHz professional search and rescue alert, with the localized locating and tracking power of AIS, they have a ruggedized base and an easy service battery. The false activation protection of the manual bracket and multiple self-tests all contribute to total user confidence. Customers know they can trust McMurdo and Kannad Marine when their lives are at risk.

The new McMurdo SmartFind G8 PLUS AIS and the Kannad Marine SAFEPRO+ EPIRBs have the added benefit of Infrared (Night-Vision) optical signal to aid detection of survivors in low light conditions. Infrared is detectable at greater range and in poorer conditions than standard EPIRB lights, therefore further accelerating recovery times. Both EPIRBs meet the IMO requirement; MSC.471 (101).

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