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MEOSAR In Action

When someone requires search and rescue (SAR) assistance, every minute counts. Next generation Medium-Earth Orbit (MEOSAR) satellites will pick up the distress signals in near real time with more accuracy, versus the current system that can take as long as two hours. Launching rescue operations sooner with better precision results in faster recoveries for individuals and govenment agencies and more lives saved.

MEOSAR Improvements

Better Accuracy, Timeliness and Reliability

Goal: Determine beacon location within 5km, 95% of the time, within 10 minutes.
  • 72 MEOSAR satellites positioned at Medium Earth Orbit altitude
  • Near instantaneous beacon signal detection using bent pipe technology — average 46 minutes faster compared to LEOSAR
  • Reduced response times with multiple signal burtsts to improve speed and accuracy of location calculation
  • Close to 100% reliability due to multiple antenna systems and MEOLUT networking
  • Return link signal through Galileo satellites
      • Acknowledge signal receipt
      • Control beacon — remotely activate, turn off or confirm false alarm
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MEOSAR brings benefits to everyone involved in the ecosystem:

  • People in distress: Shorter wait time for help and confirmation that your distress alert has been received through Return Link Service
  • SAR Teams:  Less time searching and more time rescuing with the earliest-possible notice and highly accurate search area coordinates
  • Government Agencies: More efficient mission planning and shorter overall time to rescue.
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Over 40,000 lives saved...

The Cospas-Sarsat Programe has helped save over 40,000 lives since its launch in 1982.  Aviation, marine and outdoor enthusiasts rely on 406MHz emergency beacons to help with their detection and location in a distress situation around the world.  

McMurdo is a global leader in emeregency readiness and response, working with Cospas-Sarsat and other agencies to define and develop the next generation satellite-based search and rescue ecosystem. From distress beacons to satellite connectivity to SAR infrastructure and rescue operational systems, this knowledge center is your portal to information regarding MEOSAR.


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