FastFind CREW1 - Coming Soon

AIS Man Overboard Device

The FastFind CREW1 is an AIS Man Overboard Device with a range of features designed to accelerate detection and support localised rescue for vessel crew in an MOB situation

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the FastFind brand, a brand synonymous with life-saving Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) solutions, Seas of Solutions are delighted to announce the FastFind CREW1 AIS MOB will join the RLS enabled FastFind Return Link PLB in our portfolio of marine electronics.

The new CREW1 provides the quality and innovation you would expect from a FastFind beacon and is designed to improve the survivability of those working or playing on the water.

The FastFind CREW1 AIS Man Overboard device is designed to accelerate detection and support localised rescue for vessel crew in an MOB situation. The CREW1 offers a range of innovative features in a compact and easy to carry design.

The semi-automatic beacon can be water or manually activated. It boasts an extended 36 hour battery life and high-powered SOS strobe capability. With a rugged construction and multiple attachment clippings, the FastFind CREW1 is designed with crew survivability in mind.

Submersible to 50m, the Crew1 offers a versatile commercial grade AIS man over-board solution


  • Compact and offers dynamic lifejacket fitting options
  • Highly accurate, regularly updated GPS coordinates to accelerate location detection
  • Water and manual activation options
  • Compatible with AIS electronics, e.g. chart plotters
  • High strength LED signals SOS message to aid low light detection
  • High powered battery allows extended signal operation with 36 hrs activation time (typical for -10C)
  • 5 years storage life
  • IP68 Waterproof with 50m immersion depth

Installation and activation

The FastFind CREW1 is supplied, as default, with a clip to attach the device to lifejacket strap and an alternative clip which can be attached to the lifejacket’s oral tube. This clip can be installed on either side of the oral tube. Activation can be either manually or by water sensor activation.

Manual activation involves pulling off the red antenna cap to release the antenna and then pulling the activation tab off. The device will start transmitting alert messages immediately.

Water sensor activation requires you to pull off the red antenna cap to release the antenna, when the water sensor embedded at the bottom side of the device is immersed in water for more than 3 seconds, the device will be activated and starts transmission.

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