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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get the battery replaced?

    Your Fast Find battery can be replaced by any of McMurdo’s worldwide Service Centres/Distributors. Visit Where to Buy/Service for contact details of the Service centre/ Distributor in your country.

  • How to test and activate the Smartfind EPIRB (video)
  • How easy is it to set up a Davis weather station?

    With most competing stations, you need to install each sensor separately, which adds complication and takes time and effort. Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue are factory-assembled to make setup as easy as possible. Just complete a few minor assembly steps, insert the battery, and you’re ready to mount the sensor suite. Mounting is further simplified by using our optional tripod. On Vantage Pro2, gain further accuracy by detaching the anemometer from the sensor suite and mounting it separately. There’s an Anemometer allen key and a full Installation manual included with all kits. ‘Simples’!

  • What is an EPIRB and how does it work?
  • Why isn't the design of the top cap of my PLB more user-friendly?

    The design of the FastFind / Kannad Marine SOLO and Kannad Aviation XS-4 series of PLBs is governed by the Cospas-Sarsat rules, which amongst other things governs how to switch the unit on. As part of the rules they tell us that the operation of the unit must be “two stage” and designed in such a way as to prevent tampering or accidental operation. So, our design incorporates the flip tab which has a finger pull and a frangible tab which the user has to break (stage one) in order to reach the “ON” button (stage two).

    The top cap can be self-replaced, however, we made a simple assumption that if a top has been pulled off on purpose, then the unit itself was intended to be operated and therefore the battery would have seen some usage. In order for us to be able to guarantee the user a full 24 hours operation, we advise that if the top cap has been removed intentionally then the batteries will need to be checked and possibly replaced.

    We now include in the box a replacement top cap to allow the user to “trial run” of pulling a top off before they start using their unit.

  • My weather station keeps telling me it needs a new battery

    There are two messages that the Davis weather stations can display:


    Replace or add batteries to the console. Make sure you unplug the console from the mains adaptor first to prevent damage.

    The battery in the outside unit needs to be replaced. Use a CR123 cell to replace it. If you find that the battery is often going flat or your station stops receiving outside data overnight, then contact us as you need a repair. service.uk@orolia.com

  • When I run Weatherlink on my MAC I get a Java error message

    On newer models of Mac that have the 64 bit operating system, Weatherlink may respond with a Java error. Please follow these instructions to correct the issue: http://toolbox.davisnet.com/downloads/weather/software/Mac_JavaError_32bit/ Also for Mac with operating systems of LION or newer, you will need to update the USB driver to this version: ftp://ftp.orolialtd.com/pub/service/weather/WeatherLink%20Setup.zip

  • The self-test on my PLB does not seem to work, what should I do?

    When we designed the PLB, we had to make a compromise between the “Test” button being pressed accidentally in a pocket or not able to be pressed at all. As a result, we have found that some people are having difficulty in getting the self test to work. We realised this early on and added an instruction to the user manual to make the test easier. You will find if you place the plb on a firm surface and then use the blunt end of a pen or pencil to press the button that the test will then start normally. Similarly, use the same method for the GPS test.

  • Fitting and manual deployment of the Smartfind S20 and Kannad Marine R10 (video)
  • M10 AIS USB driver & Windows 8

    In our marketing material it doesn’t clearly state that the M10 is not suitable for use with Windows 8 out of the box. We are currently working on this.

    However, it is possible to install the driver, but Windows 8 will flag an error message. Therefore it will be necessary to temporarily over-ride the standard settings in Windows 8 to install the driver.

    The article below best describes how to do this: .


    Use the standard driver on the CD supplied with you M10

    Disclaimer: Only do this if you feel confident enough to do it. McMurdo accepts no responsibility for any problems that might arise as a consequence of doing this.

  • The expiry date of the battery shown on my unit has passed, what should I do?

    Please consult our service dealer list and contact the one nearest you to arrange replacement of your battery.

  • After updating my weather station software to the latest version I can no longer connect to Weatherlink

    Davis have placed a section of cade into the latest firmware to prevent “cloned” Weatherlink dongles being used with their weather stations. In doing so, some early versions of legitimate dongle will no longer work and a replacement dongle will be required.

  • My M5 keeps alarming to tell me there is no heading/ROT/COG/SOG, but i have these all connected

    The M5 NMEA interface uses RS422 protocol as required under Wheelmark and the IEC regulations. Please ensure that your data source is also RS422 compatible. If not then a suitable RS422 converter will need to be installed.

  • Can I use a US version of a weather station in the UK?

    Only EU/UK versions of wireless Davis Weather Stations are legally permitted for use within the UK. The operation and ownership of non-EU versions, which do not carry the CE logo within the UK is against the law. UK versions of Davis weather stations are clearly marked on the packaging. When purchasing a Davis Weather station check that you are buying an EU/UK version to ensure you get the correct power adapter. McMurdo Ltd is unable to offer technical support or spare parts for any non EU/UK versions of Davis Weather stations.

  • What is a PLB and how does it work?