Search and Rescue (SAR) Technology Webinars.

For SAR and MDA.

McMurdo is pleased to offer our Thought Leadership webinars to provide education and awareness to the Search and Rescue and Maritime Domain Awareness global communities.

Join us for thought provoking and insightful presentations from experts and leaders on a variety of relevant topics. You can view past presentations on demand, or sign up for future events from this one convenient location. We look forward to your participation!


MEOSAR – Next-Gen Search and Rescue – What’s New

Get an update on the latest news and developments on MEOSAR, the next generation satellite-based search and rescue system, which promises to significantly improve the entire search and rescue process. Click Here to Watch Webinar

The Future of Aviation Search and Rescue

Join us as we share our ideas on how the aviation industry will evolve into a more comprehensive, connected, integrated aviation emergency “ecosystem” that will prevent emergencies, protect assets and, ultimately, save more lives.
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AIS Man Overboard – The Andrew Taylor Story

You may have watched his dramatic ordeal featured on BBC, CNN and a number of global news outlets. Now hear Andrew Taylor tell his own story and learn more about the technology that saved his life.
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The Real World of Search & Rescue – Today and in the Future

In the last of our 3-part series on Search and Rescue we will present real-life rescue stories that demonstrate the many ways the COSPAS-SARSAT system saves lives. Speakers will share their rescue stories, share life-saving strategies and provide insight into the future of the Search and Rescue ecosystem.
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MEOSAR: Are You Ready for the Next Generation in Search & Rescue Satellite?

Join us for the second in our 3-part series to learn about this new system and how it will improve the Search and Rescue chain of events. Jerry Nardi and Mickey Fitzmaurice are world-renowned MEOSAR experts who will be offering a very interesting presentation!
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The 5 Critical Stages of the Search and Rescue Ecosystem

Join us for Part 1 of our 3-part series for a down-to-earth look at the 5 critical stages of COSPAS-SARSAT and how this can impact your world. Participants will understand what happens when an emergency beacon is triggered in the middle of the ocean or set off from a remote mountainside.
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