Combat Search & Rescue Solutions

Protecting Those Who Protect Us.


McMurdo is working with military organizations around the world to develop solutions that ensure the safety, monitoring and recovery of soldiers in emergency combat situations.

In a typical search and rescue process, a person in distress would activate a beacon which would, via satellite-based search and rescue infrastructure, broadcast the distress signal and notify authorities of the emergency location for rescue operations.

In a Combat SAR situation, soldiers often find themselves in hostile territory, in difficult-to-reach environments or on classified operations. In the event of an emergency in these cases, activating a “normal” search and rescue beacon would result in critical positioning and location information potentially falling into the wrong hands.

By combining McMurdo’s market-leading military-grade SARBE distress beacons and proven search and rescue systems with military-specific security and encryption requirements, military and defense organizations around the world have access to the products, the technologies and the systems required to enhance the safety of soldiers, troops and other military personnel.

McMurdo Combat SAR Solutions:

  • Military Distress Beacons (for Personnel and Vessels)
  • Search and Rescue Infrastructure
    • Satellite Ground Stations/Local User Terminals
    • Mission Control Centers
    • Rescue Coordination Centers
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Fleet Management/Tracking
  • Data Management/Analytics