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Fleet Operator

“I manage and control an entire fleet. So whether I’m focused on crew safety, asset protection, operational efficiency or productivity – I turn to the company that delivers the complete solution. And that’s why I trust McMurdo.”

– Fleet Operator


Today, McMurdo is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation in the marine industry.  From EPIRBs to AIS-based products to maritime radio and communications systems to a global service network, McMurdo has, for over 150 combined years, shaped the future of marine industry with commercial-grade GMDSS and leisure marine products and systems that keep those on the world’s waterways safe.

It is this strong reputation, proven history and focus on quality that has customers around the world (including BP, British Royal Navy, Maersk, RNLI, Shell) trusting McMurdo for both mandated and non-mandated maritime search and rescue requirements.

For tomorrow, we are working closely with maritime industry standards bodies and organizations to design and develop the next-generation GMDSS maritime system – including second-generation beacons, intelligent wearables and advanced tracking and communications systems – all with McMurdo technology at its core.

So, take to the seas with confidence knowing that you are backed by the global leader in emergency readiness and response with over 150 years of combined experience.

McMurdo.  Trusted for Life in Marine.


McMurdo Marine Solutions

McMurdo has a number of products used in a variety of marine-related markets.  Please contact your local McMurdo marine partner or click here to request more information.


Commercial Vessel at Sea

(Commercial Maritime)

With over 150 combined years of experience, a global service network and a proven GMDSS product portfolio that is used by thousands of the world’s leading maritime customers, McMurdo has established itself as the most trusted name in the GMDSS, commercial maritime market.

  • McMurdo provides a complete GDMSS shipset including EPIRBs, AIS and Radar SARTs, NAVTEX Receivers and VHF Radios.

Workboat Sailing Past Mountains at Sea

Workboat and Specialist

McMurdo has a number of safety solutions for use in workboat and specialist areas including seismic and offshore applications.

Private Sail Boat at Sea

Leisure Marine

McMurdo provides leisure marine users with a variety of safety-related products based on McMurdo’s commercial-grade, professionally proven technology.

  • McMurdo’s EPIRBs, PLBs, AIS Man overboard devices use technology designed for commercial markets but affordable for leisure marine users.